What are students saying about Tyson Dever?

Today you spoke at the LEAD conference and I felt the need to reach out to you. Your speech and message was so inspiring. I am a sophomore on our JV basketball team. At the end of your speech I left that auditorium with a new perspective. I no longer want to be average. I am ready to meet my challenges head on. I felt the need to tell you all these things because what you said today has changed my life. Your story and your message is moving.


I saw Tyson Dever today and I have to say it was amazing! It was a real eye opener and I loved hearing his story! He does a great job keeping everyone's attention and he is hilarious!


Tyson message changed my life today.


Thank you so much for coming to Vernon Middle School today.....you were such a huge inspiration to me! I learned a lot from you and we are so thankful for teaching us about R.O.L.L it meant alot to me and hopefully everyone else.

Student, Vernon Middle School

You've made an everlasting impact in my life. You are definitely an angel that I have some across in my life. Thank You! (:


What are professionals saying about Tyson Dever?

We had such a great time when Tyson was in Wink. He's just an inspiration, top to bottom. The kids enjoyed eating lunch with him and I loved the message and challenge he sent to our kiddos. I've already gotten tons of compliments.  

Katie Fletcher

Tyson, thank you for being our convocation speaker today. You did an amazing job and really motivated our staff. Again, thanks for sharing your story and message with us today - I was moved and inspired.

Dr. David A. Edison, Superintendent

Tyson is indeed a gifted speaker and it was a blessing to have him share his story with our students.

Teacher, Burleson ISD

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know the feedback I've been getting on your presentation yesterday - it has been fantastic!  A number of audience members have made a point to stop me and tell me what an impact your story, and more importantly, your attitude and enthusiasm, made upon them.  It's safe to say they enjoyed it more than, say, me talking to them about employment law! 
You definitely helped make a routine management team meeting a very memorable event!
Thanks again, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Chris Carroll, Maximus

My son attended Air It Out, football camp at Houston Christian HS and Tyson was there Life Lesson speaker. I didn't hear him the first day, but I hung around the 2nd day and his Life Lesson was powerful! My 15 year is a different since he came back from camp.

A grateful Dad