Testimonials and Reviews

“The multi-year partnership we have had with Tyson Dever has been a true win-win collaboration for our Youth Transportation Safety Program at TTI. He adds an impactful testimonial to the mix of our outreach and does an amazing job of connecting with young audiences.”
— Russell E. Henk, Director of Teens in the Driver Seat®, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Tyson is just an inspiration, top to bottom. The kids enjoyed eating lunch with him and I loved the message and challenge he sent to our kiddos. I’ve already gotten tons of compliments.
— Katie Fletcher, Wink ISD

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"Tyson Dever is without a doubt the best motivational speaker I have ever heard in person. Tyson’s message of overcoming life’s obstacles, and having a positive, winning attitude is truly inspirational. He leaves the audience feeling better about their own personal lives, careers, and plans for the future. I am a better person for meeting Tyson, learning his story, and following his journey to where he is now in life. If you have the opportunity, and need someone to inspire students and adults alike, bring this young man in, and I promise you will not be disappointed."
- Jay McWillliams, Assistant Superintendent,
Big Spring ISD
"Tyson spoke to our employees at our site as well as our local high school about safety, motivation, adversity and strength. Tyson does an outstanding job using his life circumstances to teach and motivate each and every person listening. The program he presented was very beneficial to my site, and we have been accident-free since his presentation. My employees were very grateful for the story he shared, and have applied it to their lives. His message is beneficial for all ages, and I highly recommend you have him share his experience with your school, business or entity!" 
- Sam Openshaw, Bayer Corporation
"Tyson is a dynamic speaker who will motivate your staff to a higher level of commitment. His personal story is fascinating and his energy and optimism are contagious. Every teacher and student in your district will benefit from what Tyson has to say." 
- Earl Jarrett, Superintendent, Brazos ISD
"It has been my pleasure to watch Tyson use a life-changing event to motivate and inspire others to overcome life's obstacles. His positive approach to focus on what you can do rather than what we cannot do encourages ownership of our choices."
- Mike Rhodes, Tyson's High School Principal,
Andrews High School; Retired Principal,
Southlake High School

Tyson has a unique talent for reaching the hearts of his audience. He connects by combining active participation with his story of perseverance, determination, and grit.  But I think students believe him and trust him because there is no grandiose attempt to manipulate emotions; he is genuine, honest, authentic.  I trust Tyson to deliver a message teenagers (and adults) need to hear. 
- Terry Hamm, Director of Texas Association of Student Councils

"The feedback I received after your presentation has been fantastic! A number of audience members made a point to stop me and tell me what an impact your story and, more importantly, your attitude and enthusiasm, made upon them. You definitely helped make a routine management team meeting a very memorable event!" 
- Chris Carroll, Maximus, Inc.
"My son attended Air It Out football camp and Tyson's Life Lesson presentation was powerful! My 15 year old is a different kid since he came back from camp."
- Father of a Houston Christian
High School student

"Tyson did an amazing job as our convocation speaker and really motivated our staff.
I was moved and inspired."
- Dr. David A. Edison, Superintendent, Aquilla ISD


"Thank you for the difference you made for our students and staff this year. You have an amazing story that everyone should hear! Your response to insurmountable challenges, and the resulting life philosophy you have developed, exemplify what the "human spirit" is capable of. Your presentation inspired and motivated everyone it touched! More importantly, it reminded each of us about what is truly important and challenged all to strive each day to be better."
- Ty Sparks, Superintendent, George West ISD


Testimonials and Reviews from Students

At the end of your speech I left that auditorium with a new perspective. I no longer want to be average. I am ready to meet my challenges head on. What you said today has changed my life.
— Hannah, student
It was a real eye-opener and I loved hearing his story. He does a great job keeping everyone’s attention and he is hilarious!
— Tiffany, student