Respect, Overcome, Lead, Live. This presentation will challenge and encourage your students to view life's obstacles as opportunities to flourish. Tyson will share his powerful and life changing story in a way that will positively impact and drive your students to action. Your students will leave with the message of Respect (it begins with you), Overcome (obstacles are a part of life), Lead (be a difference maker), and Live (quitting is not an option!) Tyson's message will be interactive, dynamic, challenging and loads of fun for your students.

Look up! Don't Be A Distracted Driver

On March 11, 2005, Tyson survived an encounter with a distracted driver. This encounter left him paralyzed from the waist down and changed the course of his life forever. The effects of texting, reading, putting on make-up or countless other distractions, all have the potential to lead to disaster. Tyson's real life experience with a distracted driver gives him instant credibility as he shares his story with your group. Tyson's interactive message will cause your students to think twice before they choose to become a distracted driver.

100% Committed to the Role

Participants will examine their current workplace commitment; learn the importance of creating value with others, and that there is a difference between just being present and being passionate about what you do. This keynote will be one of the most challenging and inspiring events your participants will ever be a part of.