Your students and faculty will be blown away by Tyson's amazing journey! His practical and relevant message will leave you inspired and motivated long after he is gone!

"This is the most powerful video I have ever watched! Meeting you and being able to hear your story at the Student Council Convention today inspired me even more. I have been struggling with school and choosing the right path and your story opened my eyes. "

Student, Student Council Conference

This is Tyson's corvette following an encounter with a distracted driver.

This is Tyson's corvette following an encounter with a distracted driver.

"Tyson was AWESOME! I do think that even after he tells his story you seem to forget that he is in a chair and you can relate to situations in your own life with overcoming any obstacles that life throws you. He is very passionate about life and I really think that is what most people are looking for - passion for their own self. He teaches you in so many ways not to give up - on your future, on your life, and on yourself. Tyson is very inspiring to students and adults alike. We really look forward to working with you in the future! "

Tabitha Blackburn, Project SAVE


Tyson's Programs



Respect - It begins with you.

Overcome - Obstacles are a part of life.

Lead - Be a difference maker.

Live - Quitting is not an option!



Distracted Driving

As seen in the photo of Tyson's car above, the effects of texting, reading, putting on make-up or countless other distractions, all have the potential to lead to disaster.Tyson's real life experience with a distracted driver gives him instant credibility as he shares his story with your group.

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100% Committed to the Role

Participants will examine their current workplace commitment; learn the importance of creating value with others, and that there is a difference between just being present and being passionate about what you do. This keynote will be one of the most challenging and inspiring events your participants will ever be a part of.