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Tyson Dever

Teacher  Coach  Speaker  Motivator


Tyson's inspirational story will leave you challenged, motivated and ready to dream big!


Tyson Dever was waiting to turn left when a 33-ton cement mixer, driven by a distracted driver, ran over his sports car. The near-death experience left him paralyzed from the waist down but highlighted his incredible passion for life and refusal to be held back by any obstacle. Through an engaging, relevant, and often funny presentation, Tyson helps students, educators and corporate teams move beyond their limitations. It's not a matter of if change will happen - it's when. Let Tyson be your guide as you discover how attitude, choice and action can turn your failures and setbacks into a pathway toward success!


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Tyson did an amazing job as our convocation speaker and really motivated our staff. I was moved and inspired.
— Dr. David A. Edison, Superintendent, Aquilla ISD
The feedback I received after your presentation has been fantastic. You definitely helped make a routine management team meeting a very memorable event!”
— Chris Carroll, Maximus, Inc.
Tyson does an outstanding job using his life circumstances to teach and motivate each and every person listening. I highly recommend you have him share his experience with your school, business or entity!”
— Sam Openshaw, Bayer Corporation
When he tells his story you forget that he is in a chair. He teaches you in so many ways not to give up - on your future, on your life, and on yourself!
— Tabitha Blackburn, Project SAVE

Tyson's clients have countless stories about how his message has positively
impacted their organizations. Watch news segments from ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates and read more testimonials here!


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                                            The remains of Tyson's Corvette after being crushed by a cement mixer driven by a distracted driver

                                            The remains of Tyson's Corvette after being crushed by a cement mixer driven by a distracted driver

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